I redid my Shop & Bottle of Luck Spell





Bottle of Luck Spell
This ritual is excellent to attract luck towards you.
What you’ll need:
-7 Green Candles
-Patchouli Incense
-1 Green Glass Bottle or Pot
-Symbols of Luck (an old lottery ticket, a rabbit’s foot, a horseshoe or figure 7 cut out of cardboard)
-7 coins of 1, 5 or 10 Hundredths
~Light your 7 candles and your incense. Then, fill up your pot or bottle with all of the symbols of luck that you gathered, as well as with the coins. Raise the bottle towards the sky and speak this invocation aloud:

“Ram Chance,
Ram Fortune hear me,
Let your breath enter my bottle.
Let everywhere the luck be with me.”

Close the bottle well and seal it with green wax. Before leaving to play any games of chance, or if you need extra luck for some endeavor, agitate your bottle so that luck will accompany you.

Finance Correspondences


Million Dollar Bill
I got A Million Dollahs!!! Mercury/Earth Color: gold, green; Plant: honeysuckle, vetiver; God: Njord. Financial blessings/rewards: (See: Blessings). Financial dreams: Color: green; Stone: emerald. Financial gain: Color: gold, purple; Plant: fumitory, hyssop, blue iris. Financial goals: to attain: Color: gold, green; Goddess: Lakshmi; to manifest: Plant: lavender. Financial problems: to end: Waning Moon. Financial protection: Animal: sand dollar; Stone: jet. Financial ruin: to prevent: Stone: tigereye. Financial success: (See: Success). Financial transactions: God: Hermes; success in: Stone: tigereye. Financial wishes: Plant: cinnamon, cinquefoil, honeysuckle; Goddess: Lakshmi. To control spending: Plant: sassafras.



Energy Correspondences


(See also: Action, Fatigue, Power, Strength) Sun/Full Moon/Fire/South/Aries/Leo/ Sagittarius Color: green, red, magenta, orange, silver, yellow; Number: 5; Tool: sword; Charm: red feather, musk; Animal: electric eel, horse, jaguar, lion, tiger; Stone: agate, banded agate, ate, moss agate, red agate, beryl, calcite, orange calcite, carnelian, chalcedony, garnet, net, hematite, red jasper, kyanite, quartz, rutilated quartz, rhodochrosite, ruby, spinel ruby, selenite, sodalite, sunstone, tigereye, topaz, tourmaline, red tourmaline, volcanic nic ash, red zircon; Plant: allspice, anemone, bayberry, bergamot, caraway, carnation, cinnamon, cinquefoil, clove, dragon’s blood, elder flower, fennel, fir, frankincense, galangal, ginger, ginseng, gorse, gotu kola, hawthorn berry (as incense), cense), holly, horehound, laurel, lemon, lime, lotus, lovage, mango, marigold, mistletoe, nettle, oak, patchouli, peppermint, mint, pine, pineapple, primrose, rose hips, rosemary, sassafras, St. John’s Wort, sycamore, camore, thyme, vanilla, verbena, vervain, wisteria, ylang-ylang; Goddess: Anath, Fatimah, Inanna, Kali, Ninshubur, Shakti; God: Ganesha, Luchtaine, Mars, Poseidon, Shiva. Evocation: Orion. Cosmic energy: Goddess: Durga, Jagadhamba, Jyestha, Parvati, Shakti; to open to: Plant: yarrow; Stone: moldovite; female cosmic energy: Goddess: Jagad-Yoni, Lilith, Shakti. Creative energy: Fire/Aries/ Leo/Sagittarius; Animal: hippopotamus; Stone: garnet; Plant: iris, orris root; God: Kephera, Luchtaine, Ptah; to awaken: Animal: mal: frog, spider; to increase: Stone: garnet; net; female creative energy: Metal: silver; male creative energy: Metal: gold. Destructive tive energy: Goddess: Kali. Divine energy: Sun; Plant: lotus; Goddess: Shakti; God: Somhlth. Dragon energy: Earth/Air/Fire/ Water; Animal: basilisk, dragon, komodo dragon; Plant: basil, bistort, dragon’s blood, hyssop (as incense). Earth energy: Earth; Method: geomancy; Charm: ley line; Color: brown, green, blue; Animal: dragon, mole, turtle; Stone: red jasper, smoky quartz; Plant: cedar, patchouli; to ground: Color: black. Electrical energy: Charm: lightning; Animal: electric eel, firefly. Emotional energy: ergy: to balance: Stone: moss agate, labradorite, dorite, topaz. Fairy energy: to attract: Plant: foxglove. Female energy: (See: Yin). Fire energy: Fire; Goddess: Pele; God: Vulcan; to balance: Plant: firethorn. Healing energy: Sun/Earth/Scorpio; Animal: dolphin, whale; Stone: rhodonite, sunstone; Plant: catnip, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lady’s slipper, sandalwood, dalwood, black tea; to channel: Scorpio. High energy: Color: magenta, red. Kinetic energy: God: Shiva; Kundalini energy: Stone: carnelian, lava; Animal: bobcat, fox, red-tailed hawk, panther, snake; God: Ganesha; to assist the flow of. Stone: jet; to awaken: Animal: eel; God: Dionysus; to channel: Stone: garnet. Latent energy: Stone: geode; Plant: lotus. Love energy: Stone: beryl, garnet; to attract: Color: pink. Lunar energy: Moon; Color: silver, white; Number: 3; Stone: moonstone, selenite; Plant: myrrh, queen of the night; God/dess: all Moon deities; to open to: Plant: queen of the night. Magickal energy: Stone: citrine, rine, garnet, malachite; Plant: carnation, galangal, laurel, nutmeg, orange. Magnetic energy: Stone: lodestone, topaz. Male energy: ergy: (See Yang). Negative energy: God: Cythrawl, Set; to absorb: Color: black; Charm: egg; Stone: hematite, quartz crystal, tal, salt, tourmaline, black tourmaline; Plant: onion; to avert: Color: black; Stone: garnet; Plant: clove, geranium, patchouli, thyme, yarrow; to banish: Stone: amethyst; Plant: agrimony, laurel, pine, star anise; to clear: Water; Tool: besom, censer; Method: asperging, smudging, sweeping; Charm: brimstone, egg; Animal: frog; Color: black, gray, silver; Metal: silver; Stone: agate, bloodstone, geode, obsidian, snowflake obsidian, peridot, quartz crystal, smoky quartz, black or green tourmaline; Plant: anise, benzoin, clove, dill, eucalyptus, frankincense, hawthorn, juniper (wood, needles or berries), laurel, myrrh, onion, patchouli, sage, sweetgrass, vervain, vetiver, yarrow; God: Maximon; to clear after a quarrel: Plant: copal, eucalyptus; to clear when strong or resistant: Charm: brimstone; to consume: Color: black; Stone: smoky quartz, tourmaline; Goddess: Tlazolteotl (Eater of Filth); to counteract: Color: indigo, digo, gray; to destroy: Color: black; Stone: garnet; to neutralize: Color: gray; to protect against: Color: black; Animal: butterfly; Stone: garnet, pyrite, quartz crystal, selenite; ite; Plant: sunflower, yarrow; to protect fairies ies against: Plant: elder; to reverselreturn to its sender: Charm: mirror; Stone: red jasper, per, schist; Plant: pine (See also: Uncrossing); ing); to transform into positive energy: (See: Transformation). Nervous energy: to end: Plant: burdock. Organic energy: Earth; Color: brown, green; Stone: agate, moss agate, amber; God: Green Man; Evocation: devas, nature spirits. Physical energy: Mars; Color: red; Stone: banded agate, orange calcite, carnelian, garnet, Herkimer diamond, mond, quartz, obsidian, tigereye, red tourmaline; maline; Plant: allspice, camphor, carnation, garlic, geranium, ginseng, lemongrass, orange, ange, pennyroyal, petrified wood, rosemary, saffron; to assist the flow of. Stone: blue lace agate, tigereye; Plant: sycamore; to balance: Stone: red agate, coral; to increase: Stone: rhodochrosite, sunstone, tigereye; Plant: allspice, guarana seed; to increase during illness: ness: Stone: sunstone, tigereye; to restore: Stone: agate, banded agate, carnelian, moonstone, tigereye, topaz; Plant: carnation. tion. Positive energy: Mars/Sun; Tool: pentacle; Color: white; Animal: oriole; Stone: amber; Plant: dill, sunflower; Goddess: dess: Bast, Isis; God: Balder, Ra; to attract: Plant: lemon, wisteria, ylang-ylang; to stimulate: late: Stone: quartz crystal. Productive energy: ergy: Charm: phallus; Plant: bamboo, all trees. Projective energy: Sun, Mars. Tool: wand; Color: orange, red; Metal: aluminum, antimony, brass, gold, mercury, steel, tin; Stone: black, brown or banded agate, amber, ber, Apache tear, aventurine, bloodstone, orange calcite, carnelian, citrine, diamond, flint, fluorite, garnet, hematite, red or leopardskin jasper, meteorite, obsidian, onyx, opal, pyrite, rhodochrosite, ruby, serpentine, pentine, staurolite, sunstone, tigereye, topaz, paz, red tourmaline, zircon. Protective energy: Earth; Stone: amethyst, Apache tear. Psychic energy: Neptune/Full Moon/ Water/Pisces/Scorpio/Cancer; Charm: willow low water; Animal: swift, turtle; Stone: quartz crystal; Plant: geranium, mugwort, thyme, willow, yerba mate; God: Ganesha; flow of: Stone: garnet; to amplify: Stone: clear quartz crystal; to attract: Color: silver; ver; energy in psychic work: Plant: ginseng, yerba mate; energy for visualization: Plant: ginseng. Receptive energy: Moon/Venus/ Water/Earth; Tool: cauldron; Color: black, blue, clear, green, red, white; Metal: copper, per, lead, mercury, silver; Stone: green, moss, black and white, or blue lace agate, alum, amazonite, amethyst, aquamarine, azurite, beryl, clear or blue or green calcite, cite, chalcedony, chrysoprase, coral, emerald, erald, geode, Goddess rock, jade, brown or green jasper, jet, lapis lazuli, lodestone, malachite, moldovite, moonstone, mother-of-pearl, of-pearl, opal, pearl, peridot, quartz crystal, tal, rose quartz, salt, staurolite, sapphire, pink or blue or green tourmaline, turquoise; Plant: mariposa lily, petrified wood. Ritual energy: Stone: garnet; Plant: cinnamon. Sexual energy: Sun/Venus/Mars; Method: tantra; Color: red; Charm: musk; Stone: carnelian, citrine, Herkimer diamond, jade, jasper, obsidian, ruby, sunstone, volcanic ash, zircon, yellow zircon; Plant: banana, bean, caper, black cohosh, damiana, oak, olive, patchouli; Goddess: Anath; God: Ammon; to awaken: Plant: patchouli; to balance: Stone: smoky quartz; Plant: balm of Gilead; to increase: Stone: staurolite, sunstone, zircon, yellow zircon; to manifest: fest: Method: tantra; to restore: Plant: balsam sam poplar; female sexual energy: to unblock: Plant: hibiscus, queen of the night, rose with hibiscus; male sexual energy: God: Hermes; to balance: Plant: banana; to restore: Plant: horny goatweed, yohimbine; to synchronize: Plant: balm of Gilead. Solar energy: Sun; Color: gold, yellow; Stone: amber, sunstone; Plant: frankincense, heliotrope, sunflower; God/dess: all Sun deities; to manifest: God: Kephera. Spiritual energy: Stone: celestite, phantom; Plant: yarrow; to control: Plant: mandrake; to ground: Stone: charoite, snowflake flake obsidian, onyx; Plant: myrrh. Subtle energy: Water; to become aware of: Method: meditation; Plant: lady’s slipper, myrrh. Trickster-energy: Mercury/June/Gemini; Animal: blue jay, coyote, fox, lapwing, monkey, key, rabbit, raven, wolverine; Plant: High John the Conqueror root; Goddess: Frigg, Gefion, Inanna, Isis, Sheela-na-gig; God: Abarta, Anansi, Angus, Blue jay, the Dagda, Ea, Enki, Eros, Hermes, Italapas, Kokopeli, Konira Viracocha, Krishna, Kutnahin, Legba, Loki, Master Rabbit, Maximon, Maui, Mercury, Michabo (Great Hare), Prometheus, Raven, Tezcatlipoca, Ueuecoyotl (Coyote); Evocation: Br’er Rabbit, High John the Conqueror, leprechauns, chauns, the Manitou, Reynard the Fox, Sun Hou-Tzu, Ulysses/Odysseus. Universal sal energy: Stone: clear quartz crystal; to attract: Stone: hematite; to connect with: Goddess: Isis. Vibrant energy: Color: magenta; genta; Plant: ginseng. Vibrational energy: Method: chanting; Animal: nightingale, whale, all songbirds. Water energy: Water; Animal: duck, fish, whale; God: Neptune, Poseidon. Energy leaks: to close: Animal: whale; to prevent in the aura: Stone: labradorite. Energy shield: Stone: onyx. Energy in: adversity: Plant: chamomile. psychic work: Plant: ginseng, yerba mate. To: absorb energy: Stone: quartz crystal. tal. attract energy: Plant: ylang-ylang. attune to the energy of others: Stone: turquoise. quoise. balance energy: Color: blue, purple; Number: 2; Stone: amethyst, barite, chrysocolla, garnet, jet, malachite, blue opal, rhodonite, sapphire, tanzanite, blue or watermelon tourmaline; Plant: cinnamon, mon, eucalyptus, fairy duster, pineapple, ylang-ylang; Goddess: Hanwi; in the home: Animal: goldfish; balancelmanage energy flow: Stone: barite, jet; bind energy: Color: black; center energy: Plant: pomegranate. clear energy: Fire; Plant: fireweed. collect energy: Plant: gorse. conduct energy: Metal: silver; Stone: amber, jet; collect scattered energy: Stone: Apache tear. conserve energy: Animal: gyrfalcon; Stone: barite; Plant: spleenwort. contain energy: Tool: cord; Charm: magick Circle. control energy: Plant: dragon’s blood. focus energy: Tool: wand; Metal: copper; Stone: amber, crystal tal point; Plant: Aaron’s rod, lady’s slipper. ground energy: Earth; Stone: carnelian, fluorite; Plant: angelica; ground Earth energy: ergy: Color: black; Stone: onyx, black opal. increase energy: Stone: banded agate, amber, ber, fossil, ruby, sunstone; Plant: betel nut, carnation, coca, ephedra, garlic, ginkgo, grapefruit, horehound; Goddess: Hebe; of stones: Stone: phenacite. manifest energy: Stone: hematite, obsidian, sugilite; Plant: geranium; as physical movement: Stone: celestite; estite; God: Skan. protect one’s energy: Plant: tuberose, violet. raise energy: Color: pink; Plant: cinnamon. release energy: Stone: lava, volcanic rock; Plant: grass of Parnassus. renew/restore energy: Fire; Stone: agate, moss agate; Plant: asarabacca, carnation, damiana, grapefruit, marigold, rosemary, snowdrop, spearmint, thyme, vanilla; the flow of energy: Stone: manganite. ite. send energy: Stone: moss agate, beryl, quartz crystal. stimulate energy: Stone: bloodstone; Plant: carnation. store energy: Tool: cord; Method: knot magick; Animal: bear, magpie, all hibernating mammals; Stone: crystal; Plant: gorse, lady’s slipper. strengthen energy: Plant: gum tragacanth, yarrow. synthesize energy: Plant: laurel. transform energy: Charm: volcano; Stone: amethyst, obsidian; Plant: geranium; into matter: Plant: geranium; transform substance into energy: Goddess: Annapurna; transform negative energy into positive energy: Color: purple; Stone: amber, hawk’s eye, green tourmaline, unakite, zoisite; Plant: amber, honesty. unblock energy: Metal: zinc; Stone: Herkimer diamond, zincite; Plant: horsetail, tail, orchid, vanilla. understand energy: Animal: mole. use energy to fight: Mars. use energy wisely: Animal: albatross, elk, spider. work with energy: Stone: fluorite; Goddess: Ignirtoq, Ninsubur; with the energies ergies of light and darkness:

Money Correspondences

Million Dollar Bill

(See also: Abundance, Finances, Poverty, Prosperity) Jupiter/Mercury/Waxing Moon/Earth/ Thursday/Taurus/Gemini Tool: pentacle; Color: copper, gold, green, orange, silver; Charm: bread, coins, cowrie rie shell, green feather, money, shark tooth; Number: 6, 8; Animal: toad; Metal: brass, copper, gold, silver, tin; Stone: brown agate, ate, moss agate, amethyst, aventurine, green aventurine, bloodstone, calcite, green calcite, cite, chrysoprase, coal, emerald, Herkimer diamond, jacinth, jade, green jade, jasper, green jasper, lodestone, green lodestone, malachite, olivine, opal, fire opal, pearl, peridot, pyrite, salt, sapphire, spinel ruby, staurolite, tigereye, topaz, tourmaline, green tourmaline, turquoise, brown or green zircon; Plant: acacia, alfalfa, allspice, almond, aniseed, basil, bayberry, benzoin, bergamot, bistort, borage, bramble, bromeliad, liad, bryony, buckwheat, cabbage, calamus, camellia, cascara sagrada, cashew, cedar, chamomile, horse chestnut, cinnamon, cinquefoil, clove, clover, black cohosh, comfrey, corn, cowslip, dill, dock, yellow low dock, dragon’s blood, all evergreens, fennel, fenugreek, fern, flax, fumitory, galangal, gardenia, ginger, goldenrod, goldenseal, enseal, gorse, grains of paradise, grapevine, heliotrope, High John, honesty, honeysuckle, suckle, horse chestnut, hyssop, blue flag iris, Irish moss, jasmine, kelp, laurel, lavender, lemon balm, lucky hand root, mace, maize, mandrake, maple, marjoram, mint, moneywort, wort, moss, Irish moss, mountain grape, mustard seed, myrtle, nasturtium, nutmeg, oak, oats, onion, orange, parsley, patchouli, pea, pecan, peppermint, periwinkle, pine, pineapple, poplar, poppy seed, rattlesnake root, rice, saffron, sage, St. John’s Wort, sarsaparilla, sassafras, sea kelp, sesame, snapdragon, spearmint, squill, storax, sunflower flower seed, black tea, thyme, tonka bean, trillium, valerian, vervain, vetiver, wheat, wintergreen, woodruff; Goddess: Abhijit, Aditi, Agathe Tyche, Ahurani, Aje, Artio, Ashiakle, Bona Eventus, Brigitte, Demeter, Dhanakshayanashini (Controller of Wealth Decrease), Hecate, Juno, Juno Moneta, Lakshmi (She of the Hundred Thousands), Minerva, Ninanna, Olwen, Ops, Oshun, Rosmerta, Sarasvati, Ushas, Yemaya Ataramagwa; God: Cernunnos, Chango Macho, Chao, the Dagda, Damuzi, Dhanya, Dionysus Plutodotes, Dis Pater, Enbilulu-Gugal, Ganesha, Hades, Hotei, Kuan Ti, Kubera, Math ap Mathonwy, Nord, Pluto, Tezcatlipoca, Volos, Zeus, Ziku; Evocation: Genii Cucullati. Quick money: Color: gold, green; Plant: cinnamon. Steady money: Plant: Irish moss. Money spells: (See: Spells). Money wishes: Plant: cinnamon. Good luck with money: Stone: amazonite, nite, malachite; Plant: cinnamon, cinquefoil, foil, Low John. Growth of money: Plant: mandrake root, thyme. Power of money: Stone: tigereye. To: accumulate money: Earth; Color: brown. always have money: Charm: bread; Plant: heather. attract money: Color: brown, gold, green; Charm: coins, money; Metal: brass, copper, gold, silver; Stone: amazonite, green aventurine, bloodstone, green calcite, chrysoprase, green jade, lodestone, stone, green lodestone, malachite, mother-of-pearl, of-pearl, fire opal, pearl, peridot, phantom, pyrite, tigereye, green tourmaline, turquoise; quoise; Plant: allspice, almond, basil, bayberry, berry, bergamot, borage, cat’s claw, cedar, chamomile, horse chestnut, cinnamon, clove, clover, black cohosh root, dandelion seed (caught in the air), ginger, ginseng, grapevine, heliotrope, High John, honeysuckle, suckle, horse chestnut, jasmine, lavender, lemon balm, lemon verbena, mint, myrtle, nutmeg, oakmoss, olive, patchouli, periwinkle, winkle, pine, poppy seed, sarsaparilla with cinnamon, tonka bean, vervain, vetiver; to the home: Charm: copper coin, vanilla extract tract (in wash water); Plant: bayberry, lavender, ender, patchouli. collect money/debts: Color: green with black, purple, yellow; Stone: tigereye; Plant: allspice, clove, ginger, ger, jasmine. double your money: Stone: calcite; Plant: mandrake root. get a loan: plant: alfalfa. increase money: Waxing Moon; Plant: four leaf clover, honeysuckle, horse chestnut, mandrake root, American mandrake; power to manifest money: Plant: lavender. keep money: Charm: honey, maple syrup; Plant: comfrey, fern seed, hand of Maryam, honeysuckle, rose of Jericho, cho, thyme; Goddess: Dhanakshayanashini (Controller of Wealth Decrease). obtain money: Plant: cedar, rattlesnake root; by chancelluck: Goddess: Fortuna. stretch money: Plant: sassafras.

Negativity Brings Me Down



Get Rid Of Negative Energy

What you need:

-1 White candle

-Pine Incense or Clove Powder

Location: Anywhere you’d not be disturbed  

Timing: Any but Waxing Moon is Best


~Sit comfortably and light the White Candle & Incense. (If you are using clove powder, then burn a pinch of it in the flame)

~Close your eyes and imagine that all the Negative Energy you have absorbed has become a Big Black Ball. You breathe in and out calmly imagining the black ball losing its color and becoming white with each breath you exhale.

~Say this three times:

“All negative energy is leaving my sight I feel mind and body purified by light I breathe in positive energy divine I am clean, purified and all that’s good in mine.”

~Feel the positive energy filling your body and mind; feel rejuvenated and purified. Snuff the candle thanking the Gods and Goddesses for their blessings.


Talisman to Ward Off Negative Energy

What you need:

– Crystal

–1 Small Acorn

-Herbs –Pinch of -Mandrake and Rosemary Rosemary

-Green Cloth (Cotton or Silk)

Location: Your altar or any place where you won’t be disturbed

Timing: Waning moon


~Cast a protection circle.

~Make a Little Pouch from the Cloth.

~Take each one of the items, bless them and place them in the pouch within the protection circle. After all items are in the pouch, say this visualizing the protection circle enveloping you and your home (or person/ place you want protected) safe and prospering:

“Gods and Goddesses with these items I invoke thee Keep me (person/ place) safe and happy – hear my plea. Protect me (person/ place) from harm, keep evil at bay Thwart my enemies’ bad wishes and keep them at bay”.

~Carry the pouch on your person if it is for you – as a talisman of protection. If it is for the house and all its members, place the pouch hanging somewhere unobtrusively – like at the top corner of a window. You or whoever uses the talisman will stay safe and protected until the next Samhain. At that time, take the pouch and consecrate it to fire. Consecrate/Bless Crystal.



Nine-Herb Home Protection Talisman



Nine-Herb Home Protection Talisman

This is a herbal talisman which will keep your home safe, both physically and astrally.  

You will need:

-A glass jar with a lid

-Half a cup of salt


-Bay leaves

-Dried basil

-Dill seeds

-Sage Anise

-Black peppercorns

-Fennel Cloves

~Gather enough to fill the jar – try to use roughly the same quantities of each herb.  

~When you have mixed everything in, put the lid on, and shake the jar nine times while saying:

“Salt and herbs, nine times nine Guard well this home of mine.”

~All of these nine herbs have powerfully protective properties, along with salt, which is an excellent cleanser.

~Keep this jar in the centre of your home to protect it from all who would do it or you harm.

Herbal Protection Mojo



Herbal Protection Sachet

This is a simple way of using herbs to protect you from any negative energies or entities that may be bothering you.

You will need:

-1 teaspoon Anise or Aniseed

-1 teaspoon Dried Cloves

-1 stick of Cinnamon

-1 teaspoon Black Peppercorns

-3 Bay Leaves

-White cotton cloth large enough to hold all the heharbor White Mojo Sachet Bag

-White cord or yarn

~As you put all the ingredients together, you are going to charge and activate the herbs. Spread the cloth out in front of you, and place all the herbs in the center. Mix them together well, and then bring the four corners of the cloth together so that you can tie the cord around the cloth, making a little bag to hold the herbs in.

~Wrap the cord around the cloth three times with three knots. ~Charging the Herbal Protection Sachet Now cup the sachet in your hands. Close your eyes, and imagine a white light travelling through your body. Start at the top of your head, and see it travelling down your body to your torso and then your legs, relaxing each body part as the light travels through. This white light represents security and protection, so feel feelings of warmth and safety as the light fills your body. Once the white light reaches your feet, see it travel upwards, through your arms, and into the sachet you are holding. You are now activating the herbs and charging them to keep you and your environment safe and protected. It is recommended to create a new sachet every month, preferably during a new or waning moon.
(I use the 4 Elements to Bless my Mojo Bags)